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TF2 Primary Shotgun

March 2011

A shotgun model desgined for the primary weapon slot

TF2 Targeting Eye

February 2011

A hat I made for the Heavy.

TF2 Polycount Competition Update

January 2011

Although my entry was not one of the ones which won the competition, it did make it into the game for the Australian Christmas Update The one difference between the original design and the one upon release is that I changed the Peyote for Buffalo Steak. This was due to playtesters seeing possibly racist connotations. The set can be seen here on the TF2 wiki

I have also released the model for the Brass Beast on creative commons licence on ourbricks.com

TF2 Polycount Competition

June 2010

Polycount are a community of 3d modellers for computer games. They ran a competition with Valve to create content for Team Fortress 2. I thought this would be a good excuse to properly learn some of these skills, so I entered. Entries had to consist of a number of themed items for one of the characters. Here's what I came up with.

Gatling Gun Bear Claws Native American Head Dress Peyote Cactus War Paint

My thread on the polycount forums can be found here

Sculptey Car

January 2010

Sculptey car made in Second Life for the Magicians. Making stuff in sculpteys is very efficient in terms of what the viewer has to download. Sculpteys are however very painful to construct with due to the contrived process of making them and their limitations.


September 2008

Rather than writing about this I will instead direct you to an article by an awesome person I know who champions virtual and enhanced reality art. Full screen the video and turn up the volume. http://npirl.blogspot.com/2008/09/most-complex-sculpture-in-any-world.html

Twisted Thing

June 2005

A sculpture created in Second Life. It is comprised entirely of tori arranged in a circle and rotated in a wave around the circle. Through pictures is really not the way to view the work. To really get a feel for it you have to be seeing it in 3D space.

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