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Clockwork Quartet Ring

APRIL 2011

A ring for the character "The General's Wife" in the Clockwork Quartet. Designed in 3D software and printed out in steel using Shapeways.

Clockwork Quartet Cufflinks

February 2010

More brass acid etching. This time it's my version of the Clockwork Quartet's steam drone logo.

Airship Cufflinks

November 2009

Solid brass acid etched airships, soldered to cufflink mounts. A birthday present for a friend who is doing a Phd relating to airships.

Cufflinks for the Lover

October 2009

A pair of cufflinks made for my stage costume with the Clockwork Quartet. They consist of an acid etched brass plate brazed to the cufflink bit.

Lego Skeleton Jewellery

January 2009

A necklace and earrings made from Lego skeleton parts. I have been of the opinion that Lego skeletons are awesome for a while now.

Broken Hearted Earrings

November 2008

Earrings made for my lady fiend's (correctly spelt) birthday.

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