Fantasy Sekhmet Armour

April 2011

More fibreglass armour created last year. Made for a character who is a warrior of Sekhmet, an Egyptian lion goddess.

Vac-Formed Arm Armour

April 2011

A test to see what quality of armour I can make with my home made vacuum former. The form I used to vac around was made from fibreglass casts of the transparent armour that I made years ago.

Lizard Mask

April 2011

A lizard mask made for Dan. Based on the Great Anglehead Lizard. Cast Dan's face, then sculpt in clay over that. Latex mould reinforced with plaster over that, then mould latex into that (with plenty of release agent).

Golden Greaves

February 2010

A pair of greaves (that's 'leg armour' but using the right terminology makes me look clever, right?). The first project to come off the vacuum former. Bubbled the plastic a little bit, but looks gorgeous as metal corrosion. Sold to a mate for 70 quid.

Rhino Helmet

February 2010

I was approached by a guy called Pitbull who wanted a rough and grungy helmet with rhino horns coming out of it. Lets face it, when a guy called Pitbull asks you for anything you give careful consideration over your answer. Fibreglass body with plastazote horns.

Latex Mole Mask

November 2009

A mole mask made for a friend who is running a Wind in the Willows live role play. I've made it simple so that I can give him the mould and he can swish cast as many copies as he needs.

Larp Weapons and Armour

August 2009

A big run of larp weapons and armour. The weapons are a mix of scratch builds and mends. The armour was the result of a big making session with the people who wanted the armour, teaching them how this stuff is done. Special thanks to Mr Jam for leatherworking.

Crossbow/Sniper Rifle

August 2009

Decided to see if I could make a longitudinal bungee crossbow to fire full size arrows. Turns out I can. Next step is to make a more aesthetic version.

Mask for Ben

May 2009

A Venetian style mask, felt lined with a gloss finish. My friend Ben (modelling the mask) had a design for a mask he wanted made. I took a cast of his face and turned that into a plaster copy. Onto the plaster I sculpted the mask in clay, then took another plaster cast of that. Into that plaster mould I papier mached the mask. Painting was done in enamels with a gloss laquer after that. Half the face is smooth while the other half is melting. Ben informs me it is very comfy.

Lizard Tail

May 2009

A lizard tail proportioned for a human being. It is constructed from foam with a latex skin on the outside. Coating this was fun. Got myself an air compressor and worked out how to spray latex. The leather fitting on the back is so it can be threaded onto a belt.

Some Fake Weapons

April 2009

A small batch of foam weapons for LARP. The scimitar is of note as it required me to work out a method of making a curved carbonfibre core.

Blunderbow Ammunition & Hunting Bag

April 2009

Ammunition with carrier for the Blunderbow The bolts are built to LARP specification so they can be safely shot at people.

Big Gun

January 2009

A really big, magnum style, handgun prop. Purely aesthetic, no moving parts. The chamber section I found on a toy gun and I wondered what if I made a 'realistic' gun around that to the same scale. The rest was scratch built from plywood, plastic and a lot of car body filler.


August 2008

It looks like a blunderbuss but it fires crossbow bolts, hence "Blunderbow". The firing mechanism is a bungee cord which is anchored on the inside of the pump.

Minotaur Helmet

July 2007

A friend of mine asked me to make a helmet for his minotaur mask. A complete set of armour to match may be following at some point.

Egyptian Styled Armour

March 2007

A suit of armour made from fibreglass, scratch built from body casts of the guy who comissioned the suit. The stylings are drawn from egyptian art but the form of the armour was made up.

Alien Costume

January 2007

A costume made for a Larp ran by my brother in California, made very fast on a tight budget. The event ran at night though which meant I could get away with something that gave the impression of something menacing without having to stand up to closer scrutiny. The day after the event there happened to be an open day on the Stanford campus so myself and a friend Daniel decided we should do some performance art and have the monster chasing a human marine character around campus. One small girl in particular wanted the monster to win and kept pointing out where the marine was hiding.


December 2006

Helmet made out of fibreglass. While working at RA Props we were doing the stage production of Spamalot. Turned out we had made too many Knights of Ni helmets, so I took one of the spare ones and did it up for my own amusement.

Ringmail With Plate

July 2005

I wanted to make some Eastern styled ringmail. A common feature of Eastern ringmail and chainmail is an ornate circular body plate. Rather than going to all the trouble of crafting such a plate, I found a brass tea tray which I cut the rim from, drilled appropriate holes and shaped. This plate has upon it what appears to be a fire-breathing chicken, an unexpected bonus.

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