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Boilerheart - Song by Pocketwatch

June 2011

The first decent recording of my band Pocketwatch. Not really "my" band but rather "our" band. Though that sounds funny. Thanks to Sound Advice and Jake Murray for making it happen!

Clockwork Quartet Ring

APRIL 2011

A ring for the character "The General's Wife" in the Clockwork Quartet. Designed in 3D software and printed out in steel using Shapeways.

Leather Dodecahedral Handbag

March 2010

Eleven patches of leather riveted together into an open ended dodecahedron. Add some chains and a handle and you got a handbag.

Watchmaker's Apprentice

March 2010

Me practicing a solo version of the Watchmaker's Apprentice. Does it count as a cover when you're in the band that originally did it? Maybe its a 'version'?

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Clockwork Quartet Cufflinks

February 2010

More brass acid etching. This time it's my version of the Clockwork Quartet's steam drone logo.

Airship Cufflinks

November 2009

Solid brass acid etched airships, soldered to cufflink mounts. A birthday present for a friend who is doing a Phd relating to airships.

Cufflinks for the Lover

October 2009

A pair of cufflinks made for my stage costume with the Clockwork Quartet. They consist of an acid etched brass plate brazed to the cufflink bit.

Steampunk Conductor's Baton

March 2009

Conductors baton. Made for the Clockwork Quartet out of brass tubing and parts salvaged from an old light fitting. Pictures thanks to Jason Griffiths.

Steampunk Spurs

January 2009

A pair of spurs made in the steampunk aesthetic. Apart from the cogs, all components were scratch built. Created for my costume in the Clockwork Quartet.

Broken Hearted Earrings

November 2008

Earrings made for my lady fiend's (correctly spelt) birthday.

Steampunk Drone

November 2008

The Steamdrone is a non-functioning steampunk styled musical device. Built for the Clockwork Quartet as a centrepiece for the stage show. It is designed to house a laptop, amp and speakers for any backing noises. When not set up, it all packs down into the box.

Steampunk Flower

September 2008

A flower made from brass and wood. Made as a wedding present for my cousin Siofra out of materials left over from the Blunderbow.


August 2008

It looks like a blunderbuss but it fires crossbow bolts, hence "Blunderbow". The firing mechanism is a bungee cord which is anchored on the inside of the pump.

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