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Bespoke Glasses Case

April 2011

A glasses case constructed from oak and aluminium. A commission from a friend for a birthday present.

Home Made Router Table

April 2010

You want me to pay 100 for a router table? I think I'll make one out of scrap. I was going to post a 'How to' guide to explain how I did this. However there's not much to say. Look at the picture, that's it.

Snow Chains for Shoes

January 2010

Brighton has been hit with a load of snow and ice. My house is at the top of a steep hill. Me and my girlfriend Ruth decided to make some snow chains for our shoes so we can walk on ice. I threw mine together really fast and Ruth made a less 'frontier' style pair. After a test run earlier today, I can say they are a complete success.

Vacuum Former

December 2009

For years myself and my friend Jackson talked about making our own vacuum former. One evening we decided screw thinking about it and just make the damn thing. In the end it cost us about 20 and took a couple of hours. Totally should have done it ages ago. You staple or nail the plastic sheet to the frame. Put the thing to form on the box with the holes. Put plastic/frame combo in the oven. Turn on vacuum cleaner. Take hot plastic/frame combo out of oven and push onto the box with the holes. That easy.

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