Brass Plates for The Clockwork Quartet

February 2010

You know how some bands sell cloth badges for their fans to sew onto their stuff? For the Clockwork Quartet I decided we should have brass plates for our fans to screw or bolt onto their stuff. Due to the effort that goes into making them they're going to be expensive for band merchandise. So I'm probably going to go for limited runs of 100 with each design, numbered and initialled on the beack. For people who don't have the money I'm going to have a 'how to' guide up with all the templates, so if people can have a go at making their own (and find out how much work it is and why I'm charging the high price).

If there's enough interest in a cheaper version we could look into outsourcing and maybe getting some laser etched. Seems to be straying away from the steampunk ethos though.

Will Segerman

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