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January 2005

An old make that got lost in backstage of my website. A suit of scale mail armour made out of pennies drilled in a hexagonal pattern. Made over a period of three years. If I were to make one these days I'd get access to a laser cutter and make a jig to hold pennies in set locations. As it was I used a drill press and it took a very long time.

Fantasy Sekhmet Armour

April 2011

More fibreglass armour created last year. Made for a character who is a warrior of Sekhmet, an Egyptian lion goddess.

Vac-Formed Arm Armour

April 2011

A test to see what quality of armour I can make with my home made vacuum former. The form I used to vac around was made from fibreglass casts of the transparent armour that I made years ago.

Golden Greaves

February 2010

A pair of greaves (that's 'leg armour' but using the right terminology makes me look clever, right?). The first project to come off the vacuum former. Bubbled the plastic a little bit, but looks gorgeous as metal corrosion. Sold to a mate for 70 quid.

Rhino Helmet

February 2010

I was approached by a guy called Pitbull who wanted a rough and grungy helmet with rhino horns coming out of it. Lets face it, when a guy called Pitbull asks you for anything you give careful consideration over your answer. Fibreglass body with plastazote horns.

Larp Weapons and Armour

August 2009

A big run of larp weapons and armour. The weapons are a mix of scratch builds and mends. The armour was the result of a big making session with the people who wanted the armour, teaching them how this stuff is done. Special thanks to Mr Jam for leatherworking.

Minotaur Helmet

July 2007

A friend of mine asked me to make a helmet for his minotaur mask. A complete set of armour to match may be following at some point.

Egyptian Styled Armour

March 2007

A suit of armour made from fibreglass, scratch built from body casts of the guy who comissioned the suit. The stylings are drawn from egyptian art but the form of the armour was made up.


December 2006

Helmet made out of fibreglass. While working at RA Props we were doing the stage production of Spamalot. Turned out we had made too many Knights of Ni helmets, so I took one of the spare ones and did it up for my own amusement.

Sir Spam-a-Lot

January 2006

While working for RA Props, I worked on a load of bits and bobs for the London production of Sir Spam-a-Lot

Tin Man, London Production of Wicked

January 2006

Back when I was working at RA Props I headed up a small team making the Tin Man costume for the London production of Wicked. They had four different guys who the costume had to fit, each with a radically different body shape and they only wanted three complete sets.

Transparent Armour

August 2004

Two complete suits of authentic Gothic battle harness made entirely from transparent materials. Made for the final show of my fine art degree at Sheffield Hallam, a collaboration with Joe Laverack who now runs White Rose Forge.

Portrait of Einstein in Chainmail

June 2001

Made with roughly 10,000 split ring washers anodised in 5 different colours. The image of Einstein was converted into a diamond shaped pixellation to suit chain mail structure. Made as the final piece of my art foundation course at Manchester Metropolitan University. It took a long time.

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