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Boilerheart - Song by Pocketwatch

June 2011

The first decent recording of my band Pocketwatch. Not really "my" band but rather "our" band. Though that sounds funny. Thanks to Sound Advice and Jake Murray for making it happen!


January 2005

An old make that got lost in backstage of my website. A suit of scale mail armour made out of pennies drilled in a hexagonal pattern. Made over a period of three years. If I were to make one these days I'd get access to a laser cutter and make a jig to hold pennies in set locations. As it was I used a drill press and it took a very long time.

Bespoke Glasses Case

April 2011

A glasses case constructed from oak and aluminium. A commission from a friend for a birthday present.

Fantasy Sekhmet Armour

April 2011

More fibreglass armour created last year. Made for a character who is a warrior of Sekhmet, an Egyptian lion goddess.

Clockwork Quartet Ring

APRIL 2011

A ring for the character "The General's Wife" in the Clockwork Quartet. Designed in 3D software and printed out in steel using Shapeways.

Vac-Formed Arm Armour

April 2011

A test to see what quality of armour I can make with my home made vacuum former. The form I used to vac around was made from fibreglass casts of the transparent armour that I made years ago.

Faun Costume

April 2011

Through my friends at Firecat Masquerade, I ended up doing a stilt walking costume for Kurt Geiger's Christmas party. Made the digitigrade stilts based on this youtube video. Ears I bought but made the horns myself. Turns out furry trousers are very warm.

Lizard Mask

April 2011

A lizard mask made for Dan. Based on the Great Anglehead Lizard. Cast Dan's face, then sculpt in clay over that. Latex mould reinforced with plaster over that, then mould latex into that (with plenty of release agent).

TF2 Primary Shotgun

March 2011

A shotgun model desgined for the primary weapon slot

TF2 Targeting Eye

February 2011

A hat I made for the Heavy.

TF2 Polycount Competition Update

January 2011

Although my entry was not one of the ones which won the competition, it did make it into the game for the Australian Christmas Update The one difference between the original design and the one upon release is that I changed the Peyote for Buffalo Steak. This was due to playtesters seeing possibly racist connotations. The set can be seen here on the TF2 wiki

I have also released the model for the Brass Beast on creative commons licence on

TF2 Polycount Competition

June 2010

Polycount are a community of 3d modellers for computer games. They ran a competition with Valve to create content for Team Fortress 2. I thought this would be a good excuse to properly learn some of these skills, so I entered. Entries had to consist of a number of themed items for one of the characters. Here's what I came up with.

Gatling Gun Bear Claws Native American Head Dress Peyote Cactus War Paint

My thread on the polycount forums can be found here

Home Made Router Table

April 2010

You want me to pay 100 for a router table? I think I'll make one out of scrap. I was going to post a 'How to' guide to explain how I did this. However there's not much to say. Look at the picture, that's it.

Leather Dodecahedral Handbag

March 2010

Eleven patches of leather riveted together into an open ended dodecahedron. Add some chains and a handle and you got a handbag.

Watchmaker's Apprentice

March 2010

Me practicing a solo version of the Watchmaker's Apprentice. Does it count as a cover when you're in the band that originally did it? Maybe its a 'version'?

Golden Greaves

February 2010

A pair of greaves (that's 'leg armour' but using the right terminology makes me look clever, right?). The first project to come off the vacuum former. Bubbled the plastic a little bit, but looks gorgeous as metal corrosion. Sold to a mate for 70 quid.

Rhino Helmet

February 2010

I was approached by a guy called Pitbull who wanted a rough and grungy helmet with rhino horns coming out of it. Lets face it, when a guy called Pitbull asks you for anything you give careful consideration over your answer. Fibreglass body with plastazote horns.

Brass Plates for The Clockwork Quartet

February 2010

You know how some bands sell cloth badges for their fans to sew onto their stuff? For the Clockwork Quartet I decided we should have brass plates for our fans to screw or bolt onto their stuff. Due to the effort that goes into making them they're going to be expensive for band merchandise. So I'm probably going to go for limited runs of 100 with each design, numbered and initialled on the beack. For people who don't have the money I'm going to have a 'how to' guide up with all the templates, so if people can have a go at making their own (and find out how much work it is and why I'm charging the high price).

If there's enough interest in a cheaper version we could look into outsourcing and maybe getting some laser etched. Seems to be straying away from the steampunk ethos though.

Clockwork Quartet Cufflinks

February 2010

More brass acid etching. This time it's my version of the Clockwork Quartet's steam drone logo.

Sculptey Car

January 2010

Sculptey car made in Second Life for the Magicians. Making stuff in sculpteys is very efficient in terms of what the viewer has to download. Sculpteys are however very painful to construct with due to the contrived process of making them and their limitations.

Snow Chains for Shoes

January 2010

Brighton has been hit with a load of snow and ice. My house is at the top of a steep hill. Me and my girlfriend Ruth decided to make some snow chains for our shoes so we can walk on ice. I threw mine together really fast and Ruth made a less 'frontier' style pair. After a test run earlier today, I can say they are a complete success.

Vacuum Former

December 2009

For years myself and my friend Jackson talked about making our own vacuum former. One evening we decided screw thinking about it and just make the damn thing. In the end it cost us about 20 and took a couple of hours. Totally should have done it ages ago. You staple or nail the plastic sheet to the frame. Put the thing to form on the box with the holes. Put plastic/frame combo in the oven. Turn on vacuum cleaner. Take hot plastic/frame combo out of oven and push onto the box with the holes. That easy.

Smile Like You Mean It - Killers cover on 5 string banjo

November 2009

Finally worked out how to get my external sound card to work properly, so I can now get some covers and original tunes up on YouTube.

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